Dog Walk

In the forest or in the city, your dog will appreciate this walk during your absence.


  • The dog must be signed up with ANIS.
  • The dogs must have their medals
  • The dog must be vaccinated against rabies and kennel cough.

Walking in forest

Offer a fun day to your dog !


I, Alain, dog walker in the Geneva area (approved by the cantonal veterinary SCAV) ,and with over 20 years experience in looking after animals,organises forest fun for your dog.

I can pick your pet up in the morning and bring him back home in the afternoon.

A typical forest fun day:

  • Your pet will run freely in over 10 000 m2 of fully secured forest land.
  • In groups or alone, he can play ball games, run through an obstacle course and there will be plenty of treats and petting.

About Animaux Passions

  • All our dog walkers are approved by the VSC.
  • Our van is air conditioned and approved by the SCAV. The dog are in specially adapted cages for the duration of the ride. Animaux Passions Car.
  • We will arrange appointments in advance to suit a custom requirements for your dog walking services.

Walking in cities

Can’t walk your favourite dog as much as you would like ?
Animaux Passions offers home-based dog  walking services.

Have no worries! Alain, dog walker in the Greater Geneva area, approved  by the S.C.A.V and with over 20 years of experience in looking after animals handles everything.

Your four-legged pet will enjoy a special moment of trips and games with an  experienced professional.


Going  on  holiday or weekend trip ?   Needed at work ?  with no one at home to look after your favourite pet?

Entrust us with your dog, we will take good care of him. He will benefit the best healthcare and will enjoy his day.

With other 20 years of experience , Animaux Passions will provide you with the best adapted solutions according to your needs.

Animaux Passions suggest several offers, from simplest  to  most complex  to fully answer your  needs using the best of our skills and experience .

Need to ask us anything more  ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

For a day, a weekend, during your holidays, We pamper your favourite pet, dog or cat , small or big, throughout the year with the best conditions and  surrounded by all the best care in two steps from Geneva.

We offer

  • A green environment in the countryside
  • Daily trips
  • Comfortable housing
  • Daily dose of cuddles

Discover our services at

A la Carte

Home visits


Alain, dog walker in the Greater Geneva area, approved  by the S.C.A.V and with over 20 years of experience in looking after animals offers to feed your cat or rodent  directly at your home.

I can also pick up your mails , water your house-plants.

Other benefits : Pet’s Taxi

We may also transport your pet over any distance , to any place  (veterinarian, groomer). We will take him back to your home.

Our vehicle is approved  by the S.C.A.V